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Air Way

If you arrive by plane, first you land in Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, then you can arrive Çeşme by land with an 80km highway from the Izmir-Urla-Alaçatı-Çeşme line. You can get information on transfers from airport to our hotel.



Çeşme is connected to Izmir with two-way including a narrow asphalt of 77 km and a highway of 80 km. The needs of guests arriving by land, air and sea are met easily with the busses to Izmir, Çeşme and Ildırı even in the busiest days of tourist season. Çeşme town center is the last stop of buses and minibuses. There are minibus services with intervals of 15 minutes from Çeşme town center to Dalyanköy where our hotel is located.


Click here to access the map of highways.


The tourists arriving by sea from Greece to Çeşme, are transported with the Turkish and Greek ferries that are being operated between Chios and Çeşme. Between the Island and Çeşme is an hour.

In addition, for the tourists to go out from Turkey, passenger transport to Bari, Brindisi Ports of Italy from Çeşme and RO-RO services to Triente Port in the winter are available. You can also come by sea from Istanbul to Izmir and arrive at Çeşme by land.

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Dalyanköy Çesme/Izmir
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